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The BETAN Website Content & Privacy Policy

Published by: Maxie Collier on 12th Nov 2008 | View all blogs by Maxie Collier
  1. BETAN retains the rights to block or ban members.
    This is includes disruptive individuals or those who are not former and current Black Entertainment Television employees, contractors, and talent.

  2. Your Profile Can Be Set Public or Private
    However, site administrators and moderators can view, edit, ban, or delete all profiles.

  3. Private Messages Can Only Be Read by the Recipients 
    The Social Go networking platform powering BETAN does not allow site administrators or moderators to read private messages sent between BETAN members.

  4. Moderators and administrators have the rights to delete any media or posting. Including videos, photos, audio files, blogs, events, and forum messages offensive to the community's goals and tone.

  5. We Will Not Rent/Sell Your Personal Data 
    Third Cousins Media, The BET Alumni Network, nor Maxie Collier will not rent or sell the public and private personal data in your profiles, including email addresses and contact information, to a third party. We do retain the right to transfer this information in the sale of the site to a new owner or management company. 

  6. Full Disclosure
    We will explicitly identify any business or affiliate relationships when referencing or promoting other products and services from other individuals, businesses, or organizations.

  7. You Own Your Content
    While it would be good habit for us all to put copyright notices on our blogs and forum postings we publish anywhere on the web, on the BETAN site you have copyright and ownership of any original works or media you publish on the website.

  8. Promoting & Selling On the Site
    As entrepreneurs and freelancers, promoting our own products and services is a natural requirement of our job descriptions. There are several ways you can promote on BETAN:

    1. Your Profile
      Add a list of your services, your contact information, bios, business cards, promotional videos, paypal buttons or embed shopping carts like and

    2. Blogs & Events
      Post news, information, references, press releases, and event listings

    3. Forums

    4. Groups

    5. Videos

  9. Public Conflicts And Disputes
    Let's be real. In any collective there are going to be cliques and subsets with diverse experiences and mentalities. And there are often old and new issues and beefs as a result. BETAN blogs, comments, and forums are not platforms for public conflicts or disputes. Feel free to set-up a private group and hash it out there.



  • Brooke lane
    by Brooke lane 1 year ago
    Wait what in the world is this bateman?! And since you guys have said so much about it here, not very clearly though, so howcome this all isnt mentioned on reviews either? So what is going on here!
  • Brooke lane
    by Brooke lane 1 year ago
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