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In Appreciation of All My BET Folks... Out of Sight But Not Out Of Mind.

Published by: Maxie Collier on 29th Sep 2008 | View all blogs by Maxie Collier

For so much of the past decade I have been consumed with my entrepreneurial and independent media projects, travel, writing, research, and development. I often think of the old joint by Stinky Dink- "1 man 100 dollas and a one track mind...!

As the time has flown by, children have grown-up, good friends and family have passed on, and our world has become so radically different... for better and for worse.

During this period I have been blessed to work and dialogue with so many talented artists, entrepreneurs, technicians. Here in the US, as well as Europe and West Africa. I've conducted and produced interviews with nearly 200 celebrities and executives. All the while giving mental thanks to my many friends and mentors from BET who schooled me on the arts, crafts, business for the seven years I worked there full-time and freelance.

There are countless lessons I learned from passionate, talented veterans like Larry Holland, Waymer Johnson, Dr. Bruce Marshall, Bev Smith, Donnie Simpson, Ed Gordon, Stuart Rivchin, Debra Tang (RIP) and James Bolling (RIP) others.  As well as all the inspiration and examples I saw in my ambitious peers, like my homegirl Elise Perry, my road dog Brian Harris, OG Dave Grain, Lathan Hodge, Keith Pascall, Billie Woodruffe, Keith Lawson, Lisa Johnson, Madeline Woods, and so many more.

The fact is, though I have been a social recluse for much of the past decade, there is not a week that passes where I don't think about my BET compradres. Or, see a name in the news or credits, of former co-workers who have moved on to do bigger and better things. This website is my way of starting to give back to everyone of you.

Despite the many legitimate frustrations and dissappointments of BET's employees and consumers, those of us who started or advanced our careers at the network know that the company has created countless opportunities for people who might not have never been able to otherwise get a foot in the door of a national TV network. Or, even local TV for that matter. Especially not living in the Washington, DC area.

And for that I thank Bob johnson, BET, and all of you. I look forward to reconnecting and building with many of my peoples.

Please enjoy the site, help spread the word, and e-mail me with your feedback or suggestions.


Maxie Dayrron Collier- Sept. 30, 2008




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    by Brooke lane 1 year ago
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