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BETAN Mission Statement

Published by: Maxie Collier on 15th Oct 2008 | View all blogs by Maxie Collier


The mission of the Black Entertainment Television Alumni Network (BETAN) is to:

  1. Provide an inspiring and productive social networking community for former and current Black Entertainment Television employees, contractors, and talent.

  2. To provide valuable and empowering information and resources to the community. 

  3. To stimulate individual and collective, independent Urban media productions and ventures.


  • A reunion website;

  • An information and resources hub;

  • An Urban media development, production, management, marketing support platform;

  • A community service vehicle.


The members of the BETAN community have routinely produced hundreds of thousands of hours and decades of professional Urban television, media products, and services.  The value of which grows as new media platforms take the lead. Why not independently produce and profit from content, using the same skills sets and practices, while retaining portions of ownership?



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